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Is it possible to download aadhar card by name and date of birth?

Downloading your “Aadhaar Card” online through the UIDAI website has many ways which are proven ways to download your aadhaar card within no time. Downloading your E Aadhaar is completely safe and it is counted as a valid identity proof as per the rules. You have many ways to download your E aadhar card as mentioned on the UIDAI website and the major ways to download are with the help of your aadhaar number, download aadhar card with the help of enrolment number, downloading aadhar card by generating a Virtual ID which was introduced some time back and the last way to download your aadhar card online is by retrieving your details by providing name and your registered mobile number. 

For those who are looking for “Aadhaar Card Download By Name And Date Of Birth”, let me tell you that there is no direct way of aadhaar card download by name and date of birth. There is a way as mentioned above to use your name and mobile number to retrieve your aadhar number or enrolment number online and after that downloading your aadhar card from the website but so much a direct way is there to download is by providing your name and date of birth. 

As per the UIDAI website, the government has given all the citizens only three options to download their aadhar card online which can be accessed by clicking the Download Aadhaar option from the My Aadhar tab from the main menu. Only the mentioned ways are eligible to get you your aadhar card and no other ways like download it by using only your mobile number, download it by using date of birth only, download it without mobile number are applicable here.

  • Mobile number is used indirectly in every way to authenticate your identity and thus we can say that download it by using mobile numbers is a genuine statement.
  • You need to retrieve your aadhar number or enrolment number by fetching your name, mobile number, and Email address, so by downloading it by name is indirectly applicable.

But when we talk about the date of birth, there is no such use of your date of birth in the downloading or retrieving process, so it is not a possible statement of conclusion that aadhar card download by name and date of birth is possible. There is a use of your name in getting your details but there is no use of your date of birth while downloading your E Aadhaar card online from the UIDAI website.

Another myth is that you can download your aadhaar card without your registered mobile number online, this is another statement which is not at all valid if we are talking about downloading our Aadhaar Card online using UIDAI services. Everyone’s mobile number is linked to the aadhar card and it is not possible to get your aadhaar card by not providing your mobile number. On a second thought, you can visit some aadhaar center near your place if you want to get your aadhar card without your registered mobile number by giving valid identity proof and biometrics details.


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