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How To Do Aadhaar Card Tracking Online?

Aadhaar Card Tracking is possible using the UIDAI’s website, You can use this website to view your aadhar enrollment status, your aadhar update status, aadhaar reprint status, aadhaar online address update status and bank linking status.

These services can be accessed using the “My Aadhaar” option from the UIDAI website. You can track the status of your aadhar card from anywhere without any kind of issues. If you face some kind of issue in the loading of webpages, you can check after some time as the servers of UIDAI are generally busy.

Let’s see some of the “Aadhaar Card Tracking” tricks that might be beneficial for you.

Aadhaar Card Status Check 

You may want to monitor the position of your request once you enroll for a fresh Aadhaar Card and send your type and biometrics to an enrollment center. You will need your Enrollment ID (EID) to inspect your Aadhaar status. This figure can be found on top of the enrolment slip. The slip constitutes a total of 14 digits. Fill in the date and time of your enrollment and after that, you can check the status of your “Aadhaar card”.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website of UIDAI. Click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate To Aadhaar Status Option

Click on Check Aadhaar Status Option, Fill the required details to get your status.

Aadhaar Card Reprint Status Check

Our Aadhaar card can now be formally published by India’s Unique Identification Authority Of India-UIDAI.  The UIDAI has initiated pilot-based reprinting of Aadhaar cards. This change–to get the Aadhaar card straight from UIDAI–will assist individuals who are searching for Aadhaar Repression Centers.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website of UIDAI. Click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate Aadhar Reprint Option

Click On Check Aadhar Reprint Status from the menu.

Fill in the following details like your aadhaar number, service request number and verify with captcha, you will get your reprint status after that.

Aadhaar Card Address Update Status

Use URN to check the status of your application to update your internet address. You can also use SRN to verify the position of your proposal for the Address Validation Letter. SRN is Service Request Number is produced when a person initiates a Validation Letter application for an Aadhaar Address update. Once you have completed the internet address submission method effectively, you will receive a 14-digit URN or Update Request Number. 

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website of UIDAI. Click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate To Update Your Aadhaar Option

From the second column of “Update Your Aadhaar” select the option of Check Online Address Update Status.

Step: 3> Enter Required Details

Provide the required details like aadhar number, SRN or URN number to check where your application is currently.

Aadhaar Card Bank Linking Status

As it is made compulsory by the government to link your bank accounts to your aadhar number, very citizens need yo link their bank accounts to their aadhaar number to protect them from any kind of fraud and to receive the benefits of government schemes. Check out the steps below to know how you can do this online.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website and click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate to Aadhaar/ Bank Linking Status

From the Aadhaar services tab, choose the option of Check Aadhaar/Bank Linking Status.

Step: 3> Enter Aadhaar Number

Enter your Aadhaar number and receive your one-time password. 

Step: 4> Enter OTP- Check Status

Enter the OTP and Check your Linking status.

So, here are some Aadhaar Card Tracking techniques which you can follow and check the status of your application online by using the services of the UIDAI website. Hope it works well.


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