How To Do Aadhaar Card Tracking Online?

Aadhaar Card Tracking is possible using the UIDAI’s website, You can use this website to view your…

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Is it possible to download aadhar card by name and date of birth?

There are certain proven ways to download “Aadhar Card” online within no time using the UIDAI website.…

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Download Aadhar Card Form Online

The UIDAI has issued a 12 digit unique identification number to all the citizens living in India,…

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How To Do Aadhaar Card Tracking Online?

Aadhaar Card Tracking is possible using the UIDAI’s website, You can use this website to view your aadhar enrollment status, your aadhar update status, aadhaar reprint status, aadhaar online address update status and bank linking status.

These services can be accessed using the “My Aadhaar” option from the UIDAI website. You can track the status of your aadhar card from anywhere without any kind of issues. If you face some kind of issue in the loading of webpages, you can check after some time as the servers of UIDAI are generally busy.

Let’s see some of the “Aadhaar Card Tracking” tricks that might be beneficial for you.

Aadhaar Card Status Check 

You may want to monitor the position of your request once you enroll for a fresh Aadhaar Card and send your type and biometrics to an enrollment center. You will need your Enrollment ID (EID) to inspect your Aadhaar status. This figure can be found on top of the enrolment slip. The slip constitutes a total of 14 digits. Fill in the date and time of your enrollment and after that, you can check the status of your “Aadhaar card”.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website of UIDAI. Click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate To Aadhaar Status Option

Click on Check Aadhaar Status Option, Fill the required details to get your status.

Aadhaar Card Reprint Status Check

Our Aadhaar card can now be formally published by India’s Unique Identification Authority Of India-UIDAI.  The UIDAI has initiated pilot-based reprinting of Aadhaar cards. This change–to get the Aadhaar card straight from UIDAI–will assist individuals who are searching for Aadhaar Repression Centers.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website of UIDAI. Click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate Aadhar Reprint Option

Click On Check Aadhar Reprint Status from the menu.

Fill in the following details like your aadhaar number, service request number and verify with captcha, you will get your reprint status after that.

Aadhaar Card Address Update Status

Use URN to check the status of your application to update your internet address. You can also use SRN to verify the position of your proposal for the Address Validation Letter. SRN is Service Request Number is produced when a person initiates a Validation Letter application for an Aadhaar Address update. Once you have completed the internet address submission method effectively, you will receive a 14-digit URN or Update Request Number. 

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website of UIDAI. Click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate To Update Your Aadhaar Option

From the second column of “Update Your Aadhaar” select the option of Check Online Address Update Status.

Step: 3> Enter Required Details

Provide the required details like aadhar number, SRN or URN number to check where your application is currently.

Aadhaar Card Bank Linking Status

As it is made compulsory by the government to link your bank accounts to your aadhar number, very citizens need yo link their bank accounts to their aadhaar number to protect them from any kind of fraud and to receive the benefits of government schemes. Check out the steps below to know how you can do this online.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI’s Website

Go to the official website and click on the My Aadhaar tab.

Step: 2> Navigate to Aadhaar/ Bank Linking Status

From the Aadhaar services tab, choose the option of Check Aadhaar/Bank Linking Status.

Step: 3> Enter Aadhaar Number

Enter your Aadhaar number and receive your one-time password. 

Step: 4> Enter OTP- Check Status

Enter the OTP and Check your Linking status.

So, here are some Aadhaar Card Tracking techniques which you can follow and check the status of your application online by using the services of the UIDAI website. Hope it works well.


Is it possible to download aadhar card by name and date of birth?

There are certain proven ways to download “Aadhar Card” online within no time using the UIDAI website. Downloading your E Aadhaar is completely safe and it is counted as a valid identity proof as per the rules.

You have many ways to download your E aadhar card as mentioned on the UIDAI website like-

  • Download with “Aadhaar number”,
  • Downloading with the help of “Enrolment Number”,
  • Downloading Aadhaar Card by generating a “Virtual ID Number” (which was introduced some time back)
  • Download by “Retrieving” your details and providing your “Name” and your “Registered Mobile Number”

Is It Possible To Download Addhar Card By Name And Date Of Birth?

For those who are looking for “Aadhaar Card Download By Name And Date Of Birth”, let me tell you that there is no direct way to download Aadhar card by name and date of birth.

There is a way as mentioned above to use your name and mobile number to retrieve your aadhar number or enrolment number online and after that, you can use the steps as mentioned on the homepage to get your E Aadhaar online.

As per the UIDAI website, the government has given all the citizens only three options to download their aadhar card online which can be accessed by clicking the Download Aadhaar option from the My Aadhar tab from the main menu.

Only the mentioned ways are eligible to get you your aadhar card and no other ways like download it by using only your mobile number, download it by using date of birth, download it without mobile number are not effective ways to download aadhar card.

Mobile number is used indirectly in every way to authenticate your identity and it is mandatory to use your mobile number to download aadhar card online.

How To Download Aadhaar Card Using Your Name

You need to retrieve your Aadhar number or Enrollment number by entering your name, mobile number, and Email address in the relevant fields.

Downloading Aadhaar card by name thus become indirectly possible.

Can We Download It Using Date oF Birth?

  • There is no such use of your date of birth in the downloading or retrieving process, so it is not a possible statement that your aadhaar card can be downloaded by name and date of birth.
  • There is a use of your name in getting your details but there is no use of your date of birth while downloading your E Aadhaar card online from the UIDAI website.

Is Mobile Number Needed In This Process?

  • As per the rules of UIDAI, it is not possible for anyone to download their Aadhaar Card without using their registered mobile number.
  • Mobile number is used to authenticate your identity and it is applicable in all the processes that help you in downloading aadhar card online.

This Is What You Can Do, If you Don’t Have Mobile Number

Everyone’s mobile number is linked to the aadhar card and it is not possible to get your aadhaar card by not providing your mobile number.

On a second thought, you can visit some aadhaar center near your place if you want to get your aadhar card without your registered mobile number by giving valid identity proof and biometrics details.

It is not possible to download aadhar card by name and date of birth, however, you can retrieve your aadhaar number with your name.


Download Aadhar Card Form Online

The UIDAI has issued a 12 digit unique identification number to all the citizens living in India, which acts as a proof to ensure your identity everywhere. Commonly known as the Aadhar Card, this document is made compulsory to all the citizens of India regardless of age, caste, religion. If you are an Indian citizen you need to prove your identity by enrolling for an aadhar card online or offline.  

Adults and children both generations are eligible to apply for the aadhar card there is no such age limit for enrolling aadhar from your nearest aadhar center. If you want to enroll for an aadhar card you need to visit your nearest aadhar enrollment center with your valid identity proofs and give your biometrics to register yourself for aadhar card.

The process to register yourself for the Aadhaar card is simple and it can be done by following these steps. It can be done by visiting an aadhar center only but you have a choice here to fill the form offline by visiting the aadhar center or there is a facility of Aadhar Card Form Download Online for submission purposes.

Step: 1> Locating Enrollment Center

Locate any Enrollment center near you by using the UIDAI website.

Step: 2> Booking Appointment

Book an appointment online by using the online booking feature of the UIDAI website.

Step: 3> Visit Enrollment Center With Documents

Visit the enrollment center on allotted date and time with the required documents like identity proof. Address proof and one photograph.

Step: 4> Provide Biometrics And Documents

Give your biometrics details and submit all your other important documents to the executive sitting in that center. 

Step: 5> Getting Enrollment Slip

After giving all your details, proofs and biometrics, the person will hand over you an enrollment slip that needs to be kept safe for future downloading purposes.

Step: 6> Congratulations!! Enrollment Completed

You have successfully enrolled for Aadhar card and now you can use the UIDAI website to check the status of your application. You can download your E Aadhaar card once it is ready.

How To Perform This Process Offline

If you do not wish to use the UIDAI website for booking an appointment, you can do it offline as well. You just have to locate your nearby aadhaar center and visit it, fill the required details and after completion, your aadhaar card will be dispatched to your home safely.

But if you are looking for the Aadhaar Card Form Download option from the UIDAI menu you can easily locate that in the My Aadhaar tab. There is an option of download and under that column, you can locate the Aadhar card Form Download option. If you have the knowledge to use the website, then it is better to do the initial process of locating and booking an appointment at home as it will save your time and you will not have to stand in a long queue for that. Fill the form at home, reach the center on time and give you biometrics and submit your proofs. This is a much easier way and less time-consuming way.


Making Corrections In Aadhaar Card

Correction in your Aadhaar Card or updating some incorrect information in your aadhar card can be done through offline and online ways. Both ways are operational in updating and correcting your information fetched on your Aadhaar Card.

Doing it offline or online in both the cases Aadhaar Card Correction Form needs to be downloaded from the UIDAI website. 

If you want to update it physically you can do it by visiting some Aadhaar Enrollment Center near your place and you can fill up the required details you want to be corrected on your current aadhaar card. Fill in the form and submit it to the executive sitting there who will ask for your valid identity proof, address proof and your biometrics ( fingerprint scan and iris scan). A fee of 25 rupees is charged every time you update some details. It will take around 90 days in the updating process and you can check the status online from the UIDAI website.

Online way of correction/updation.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI Website and Download Form

Download Aadhaar Card Correction Form, from the official UIDAI website.

Step: 2> Enter Aadhaar Card Details

Enter the Aadhaar Card amount of 12 digits and then enter the captcha code.

Step: 3> Generate OTP

Click the ‘ OTP ‘ tab for the One Time Password generation that will be sent to your listed number.

Step: 4> Enter OTP

Enter the OTP number and press the submit button.

Step: 5> Select Areas To Rectify

Select the areas you need to rectify and then correct and update them.

Step: 6> Upload Documents For Evidence

Upload a printed copy of the papers as evidence of each rectification you created.

Step: 7> Recieve Your URN

Updated Request Number or URN will be produced. 

Step: 8> Take A Print Out

Make a rectified form printout for future reference.

Offline way of correction/updation.

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI Website

Visit the official portal of UIDAI.

Step: 2> Download Correction Form

You need to download the Aadhaar Card Correction Form online from the website.

Step: 3> Fill The Details

Fill the required information in the correction form correctly that needs to be rectified.

Step: 4> Attach Proof

Proof must be added for each request you have created.

Step: 5> Send It To Address Below

The rectified Aadhaar Card Correction Form must be sent to the following address: 

Unique Identification Authority of India, Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India

Unique Identification Authority of India, Post Box No – 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India, 

This is how you can make changes in your aadhar card, all the methods are listed here of your help, and you can choose according to your comfort and preference. Doing it online is a more hassle-free way as compared to the other but those who have no idea of doing it online or who do not have any idea on how to operate the website, you people can visit the nearest enrollment center with your valid ID proofs and fill in the details you want to be rectified.


How Can You Enquire About Your Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card is the “unique” identity of every individual residing in India. Most of us have it but many people still have some issues over the aadhar card. For solving the issues of every individual at the same time the government has set up a customer support system through which you can send or tell your grievances to the concerned customer care executive. You have the option of doing it online as well by going to the website of UIDAI and you can do it offline as well. The choice is up to you which one do you prefer. Usually, now everyone goes for online support as it is very easy and fast but for those who face problems in communication online, the government has set up a support option for you people as well.

To interact with the customer care executives, UIDAI runs toll-free numbers. Anyone who wishes to get his question addressed can lodge a request or offer a proposal for enhancement by calling the 1947 or 1800 300 1947 toll-free numbers operating 24*7 all 365 days of the year. You can lodge a request or any complaint regarding your issue at any time and immediate action will be taken by the authorities as per your request. This way is suitable for everyone and from anywhere can use this service to register their complaint.

If you wish to do it online you can do it too, you just have to go to the UIDAI website and from the tabs choose the Contact & support tab and file a complaint over there. You can even check your complaint status over there on the official website. The process is very easy in both cases you just need to deliver your complaint to the executive so that immediate action can be taken for your problem.

“Aadhaar Card Enquiry” can be done easily using these features but if you have some other inquiries like what is your aadhaar card status? You can actually find the help for this topic also over the aadhar card website. Just go to the official website and click on the “My Aadhaar” tab and open the drop-down menu after that go Check aadhar status option and you will find the status of your aadhar card over there.

For more “Aadhaar Card Enquiry” purpose you can directly mail the UIDAI on their support email. If you want to post your inquiry or grievances to the UIDAI you can do it as well by writing your complaint and sending it to the headquarters which is situated in New Delhi.

This is the address where you will be sending your written complaint. 

Unique Identification Authority of India

Government of India

3rd Floor, Tower II, Jeevan Bharti Building,

Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001

Phone: 011-23466899

Generally, the post method is a bit longer as compared to the online method but for people who have no knowledge about the internet they can use this facility and contact them without any problem. Response time will be a little slow but you will definitely get a response from their side. With so many options available to contact the UIDAI, you can easily reach them and ask them about your query.


How to Check Password Of My E- Aadhaar

We all have aadhar card at home with us which is a legal identity proof as per the government instruction for all the residents of India and if you do not have your aadhar card at home you can simply download your Aadhar card online from the aadhar’s website. E aadhaar is just the electronic version or the digital version of your aadhar card which is delivered by the government to you just for your comfort so that you do not have to go out to some aadhar center rather you can download it on your smartphone within some minutes.

Aadhaar Card includes the Aadhaar sequence, which for all Indians is a distinctive 12-digit identifying code. All Indian citizens can, therefore, use an Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar card of an individual has accounts of the biometric and demographic information of the cardholder.

Download Your E- Aadhaar First

An organization called UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is carrying out the Aadhaar project in India. You can download your eaadhar card online from this link – https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and when you are done with your downloading you have to open your downloaded aadhaar card with an “E Aadhaar password”.

What is my “E Aadhar Password”?

The downloaded file is in a PDF format that will ask for an eight-digit password from you to open up your E Aadhaar card. The password for this file is already with you and you do not have to go anywhere in search of your password.

The Eight digit password to you Downloaded aadhaar card is the first four letters of your name as mentioned over on aadhar card and your year of birth (in YYYY format).

Understand this with some examples below. 

Example 1: Your name is AMAN SINGH

Your Year of Birth is 1995

Then your E-Aadhaar password will be AMAN1995

Example 2: Your name is KRISHNA KUMAR

Your Year of Birth is 1996

Then your E-Aadhaar password will be KRIS1996

Example 3: Your name is D.M.SETHI

Your Year of Birth is 1983

Then your E-Aadhaar password will be D.M.1983

Example 4: Your name is RAJ

Your Year of Birth is 1970

Then your E-Aadhaar password will be RAJ1970

Why Password Is Important?

UIDAI keeps your E-Aadhaar file a password-protected PDF file because PDF is generally considered a secure digital file format and the security cover of the file increases if the same is protected by a password. No one can misuse your downloaded documents as it has a unique password protected. Even if you sent is to someone mistakenly he/she will not be able to open that file without your password. Just for the purpose of the safety of every individual everyone’s aadhaar card comes with password protection.


How To Update Aadhar Card Details Online/Offline?

Updation of details in the aadhar card is made easier just because you can do it on your own while sitting at home using the UIDAI’s website for this purpose. But if for some reason you are not able to do that online, you need to download the “Aadhar Update Form” online and fill it with desired details and send it by post to the concerned departments.

Both the ways are really easy and if you can choose according to your preference. UIDAI has made it less difficult for individuals to get their Aadhar card refreshed or amended both on the web and disconnected. Here is a concise depiction of the procedures of Aadhar card update or Aadhar revision through which individuals can undoubtedly get their e Aadhaar card subtleties refreshed and redressed. Just follow the given steps underneath to refresh Aadhar card address, name, date of birth, versatile number and email id. 

This is how you can update it online. 

We are taking an example of how you can change your address online.

Step 1 : Visit the official website of the UIDAI. https://uidai.gov.in

Step 2 : Click on the “Update Address” button “Request for Address Validation Letter” if you have valid address evidence.

Step 3 : Enter your Aadhar number in the next step.

Step 4 : Enter the verification code below and ask for an OTP.

Step 5 : Your registered mobile number will receive an OTP from UIDAI and you have to enter it in the required space.

Step 6 : Login to your Aadhar card Account.

Step 7 : Select the address option and click the submit button.

Step 8 : Enter the address as mentioned over the Proof of Address that you are using to update and click on submit update request.

Step 9 : A declaration may appear to you and you just have to mark it with a tick and proceed to the next step.

Step 10 : Now you have to choose the document type you are using as proof of address and upload a scanned copy of your address proof and click on the submit button.

Step 11 : Go to the next step of the BPO service provider which will verify your request. Click on submit.

Step 12 : BPO service provider will see all your details and match with your proof of address and after that, it will be passed to UIDAI. 

When your request is accepted an Acknowledgement Slip will be provided to you which contains the Update Request Number (URN). When updates you can download the updated version of your aadhaar card.

This is how you can update it offline.

You can also update your Aadhar details offline by sending the request to UIDAI through the local post office. In this process, the steps involved are:

Step 1 : Download the “Aadhaar Card Correction Form” or “Aadhar update form” online.

Step 2 : Take a print out of that form and fill the required details and your correction details in that form.

Step 3 : Take the copies of the proof that needs to be posted along with that form to validate the changes.

Step 4 : Send the form along with all the required documents by visiting your nearest post office. 

Address to send the documents: Post Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh –480001, India.


Aadhar Reprint In Some Simple Steps.

It is currently very easy and simple to get our Aadhaar card printed formally by the Unique Identification Authority of India – UIDAI. The UIDAI has begun reproducing Aadhaar cards. You can use the UIDAI’s website for your “Aadhar reprint” and you can save it on your mobile device very easily. This move – getting the Aadhaar card straightforwardly from UIDAI – will help individuals searching for Aadhaar reproduce focuses. 

The most effective method to Print Aadhaar Card using the online method. All that’s needed is a couple of steps to get the Aadhaar card printed. Just a little time and you will get your aadhar card reprinted.

Step 1: Go to the official website of UIDAI. https://uidai.gov.in (reorder the URL in a different tab) 

Step 2: Search for the Order “Aadhaar Reprint” connection and click on the option. You can find it easily on the “MY AADHAR” tab. 

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar Number or Virtual Aadhaar ID or Enrollment number whichever you have. (if you do not have any of these you can check the lost or forgotten option from my aadhar tab)

Step 4 : Enter the Security Code (captcha) and move to another step.

Step 5 : Click on Request OTP catch and Submit your request. 

Step 6: You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the box. If you do not have any registered mobile number you can click on the dialog box just about the OTP option to get an OTP on your provided unregistered mobile number.

Step 7 : When you enter the OTP and click on the Submit option, you will be taken to a page where you will be approached to pay Rs 50 as republish charges. The installment passage will enable you to pay the charges through credit or debit cards, Net banking or UPI. 

When you make the installment, you will get an affirmation page. Spare the affirmation (downloadable as PDF) for reference. Your Aadhaar card will be printed and sent to the location on the card. 

If somehow you do not wish to reprint your aadhar online you can go to your nearest aadhar center and ask them for “Aadhar Reprint”.

The authorities of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) have advised individuals not to share their Aadhaar number or individual subtleties to unapproved organizations for getting it overlaid or imprinted on a plastic card. 

In spite of the fact that UIDAI had said the downloaded adaptation of Aadhaar or eAadhaar was a legitimate record, there was an intense interest in the ‘first’ card sent by UIDAI. There were additionally protests that a few utilities were hesitant to acknowledge printouts of eAadhaar. UIDAI had additionally said that in light of the fact that the Aadhaar cards as plastic or overlaid cards, they couldn’t be called ‘unique’ Aadhaar. 

Despite the fact that there were UIDAI-approved communities for printing Aadhaar cards, there were reports of a few unlawful ‘printing’ focuses on charging exorbitant rates for printing the cards. There were likewise the related security dangers of individuals giving out OTPs and individual subtleties like telephone numbers and addresses for downloading and printing Aadhaar cards at the focuses.


Check Aadhar Card Status By Name

Aadhar card is the need for every resident of India in today’s time and it is counted as the most essential identity proof for every person living in India. The Aadhar act, 2016 made it mandatory for every resident of “India” to have an “Aadhar Card” and link it to all your essential documents and proofs for future purposes. Now everything is connected to your aadhar card whether you buy some services or good or you go for some kind of documentation processes somewhere, Aadhar card is the serving factor and document which will be used to prove your identity to the concerned person. 

If you do not have an Adhar card you must visit your nearest aadhar center and register yourself for an aadhar card. People who have already applied for the aadhar card from their nearest aadhar center always try to search for ways to view the status for their aadhar card online. It was really difficult earlier to check the status of aadhar card as it takes around 90 days after enrolling for aadhar card to be received by the concerned person. But now the process has made simple by the authorities and you can view the status of your aadhar card online through the UIDAI website and even download it if it is ready.

Check Your Status Online

If you want to check aadhar card status online, you can do it by proving an enrollment number and if you had mistakenly misplaced your enrollment then also you can “check your aadhar card status by name”. The process is simple you just need your name and your registered mobile number to get your enrollment number on your mobile device. Check below how you can do it in the simplest manner.

Step 1: > Visit UIDAI Website

Go to the UIDAI’s website.https://uidai.gov.in

Step 2: > Navigate To Retrieve EID/UID Tab

Go to the My Aadhar tab and from the drop-down menu click on Retrieve Lost Or Forgotten EID/UID option. You will get a screen like this.

Step 3: > Select Enrollment ID option

Choose the option of “Enrollment Number” and provide your other details.

Step 4: > Request OTP

Request for OTP and after filling it your “Enrollment Number” will be delivered to your registered mobile number.

Step 5: > Navigate To Check Aadhaar Status Option

Step 5: Go to My Aadhar tab again and this time click on the option named “Check Aadhar Status”. You will see a window like this.

Step 6: > Fill Enrollment Number And Check Status

After getting your Enrollment number just paste that number in the desired space and after entering the captcha, click on the “check status” option.

You have Done It!!

This will show you the status of your aadhar card and you will get your enrollment number in your mobile number if you have misplaced it somehow. If your Aadhar card is ready you can download it using the download option from the mu aadhar menu. And if you have no idea how to download your eaadhar card online try these steps here – 
This will definitely help you if you want to “Check Aadhar Card Status By Name” but in case you have your enrollment number you can do it directly as mentioned in step 5 above.