The process of downloading your Eaadhar is really easy and not at all time consuming, you can download your Eaadhaar card from the Aadhaar’s website in less than 2 minutes. Follow these steps for your Eaadhar download without any difficulty.

Steps To Download Aadhaar

Step: 1> Visit UIDAI Website

a. Go to the Aadhar’s Website.

Step: 2> Navigate To The Download Option

a. After that, go to My aadhar option from the drop-down menu.

b. Click on the Download Aadhar option for that menu.

Step: 3> Enter Your Aadhaar Details

a. Now enter the details that you have like your “Aadhar Number”, “Enrollment Number”, or “Virtual Id number”; you can choose any one of the given options.

Step: 4> Enter Captcha And OTP

a. After filling the required details, you need to enter the captcha and request for OTP, which will be sent to your registered mobile number.

b. Enter the OTP and proceed further.

Step: 5> Complete The Survey

a. You will be asked to complete a small survey once you have entered the OTP.

b. Click on “Verify and Download”

Step: 6> Download Complete

a. Your Aadhaar Card is downloaded in a PDF file on your computer or mobile device.

Step: 7> Enter Password

a. Your Aadhaar Card comes with a virtually protected password.

b. Enter the first four CAPITAL letters of your “NAME” and your “DATE OF BIRTH” to open the file.

Step: 8> View Your Aadhaar Card

a. You can now have a look at your downloaded “Eaadhaar Card”

This is the simplest way to Download Eaadhaar online from the UIDAI website. You can check out some other ways as well as you can download eaadhar from your Name and Date Of Birth or you can make use of your “Enrollment Number” if you have.

Note:- If you want a masked aadhar and you do not want others to see your aadhar number you can click on the masked aadhar option.

Masked Aadhaar

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What Is The Need Of Downloading Aadhaar?

  • “Aadhar Card” is a mandatory document for all the citizens of India and it is used widely in every office whether private or public as a resident’s identity proof.

  • Aadhar card is mandatory just because everything you buy is connected to your aadhar card.

  • All your bank accounts, mobile payment applications and all other documents for proof are connected to your aadhar card.

  • Aadhar card is important while shopping for goods, going for some kind of registrations or if you are traveling somewhere.

  • All your documents will be linked to your aadhar card in the coming future and it will be mandatory to make use of aadhar card wherever applicable.

  • Most of the departments are using only aadhar card as an identity proof and no further proof is required to prove your identity.

Is This Process Possible Without Mobile Number?

If you still have not linked your mobile number with your Aadhar card, it might not be possible for your download it like this as it demands an OTP every time you try to download the Eaadhar online from the website.

You can choose every other way to download it online from the website but it will definitely ask you for your registered Mobile number or an OTP. 

Is It Possible To Download Aadhaar Card by Name And Date Of Birth?

Frequently Asked Questions

Eaadhar & Aadhar card what is the basic difference?

Aadhaar cards may be acquired and delivered by up to 3 months, while electronic Aadhaar cards or E Aadhaar download can be done online immediately once it is ready. Aadhaar is a physical card, while you can download your electronic card in PDF format using the e-Aadhaar download method.

Ways To Download E Aadhar Online?

E Aadhar can be downloaded from three methods basically as per the UIDAI website-

By using your Aadhaar Number.

By using your Enrolment Number.

By using your Virtual ID Number.

How to get Aadhar Card Offline?

Alternatively, people can get an offline duplicate copy of the Aadhaar card either by reaching the Aadhaar Enrolment Center or by making a call on the toll-free number.

Is E Aadhar Card Valid?

According to the Aadhaar Act, E-Aadhar is equally valid for all purposes as Aadhar’s physical copy. UIDAI has clarified that e-Aadhaar is an electronic document that is valid and secure and should be treated as an Aadhaar letter printed.

Is there any way to download Aadhar without a registered mobile number?

You cannot access your Aadhar Card if you do not have your registered mobile number with you. As per the UIDAI, every process of downloading your E Aadhar needs authentication and that process is done by sending an OTP or One Time Password to your registered mobile number.

What if someone lost their Aadhar Card?

You can download your Aadhar Card from the UIDAI website and take a print out of that for physical use, and if you have no details about your Aadhar Card you can retrieve your details by using the UIDAI website services online.

Where Should I Go To Link Aadhaar?

If you want to link your Aadhar Card you can visit your nearest aadhar center or post office/ banks providing these services and link your aadhar card with your mobile number in some time.